Mendix SDK

Before starting your application instrumentation, ensure that you have created an app and have an appKey


Install the Pyze Analytics Widget from Mendix AppMarket and ensure it is added in your list of widgets.


  • Download and import the Pyze Widget from Mendix marketplace
  • Once imported add Pyze Widget to each Mendix application page as shown below.
  • Once Pyze Widget added, update the Pyze App Key going to the Pyze category tab.

Custom Events

Events allow you to easily track unique user actions within your app.


We support custom events that can be used to track any event within the application and can be called with or without attributes. To invoke custom event use one of the following widget inside a form.

  • Pyze Event Widget
  • Pyze Event Button Widget

Pyze Event Widget and Pyze Event Button Widget

  • Import the widget into your application and goto the Pyze properties tab as shown below.
  • Update the event name and attributes which you want send to Pyze.

This allows you to track when a user executed an action, for a simple count of how often that event is occurring.

  • You can also chose to import Pyze Event Button Widget when you want to invoke custom event on click action.

Note : Both these widgets contain a property enabled which can be used to enable and disable events.

Attributes are any key-value pair that you can attach to an event. You can have up to 99 attributes with any event. It is highly recommended to follow our Best Practices and heavily rely on attributes to make your instrumentation as minimal and useful as possible. In a typical application, you should have many more attributes than events.

Last modified 2021-10-19