Best Practices

Follow Application Instrumentation Best Practices

Event instrumentation should be focused on what “moves the needle” for the business

  • Rarely makes sense to instrument “everything”
  • Focus on user actions or interactions that you want to optimize for
    • Now or in the future
  • Button Clicked vs Feature Used
  • Cover Primary Decision Points
  • If early in the app lifecycle, focus on “Big Picture” usage
  • Are users using this feature in the way I want them to?
  • How are users going through complex UI action tree’s in this App?

Event Attributes

  • Now that your events are business focused:
    • Attach as much relevant data about that event or user that’s relevant to the event in question
    • Attributes can be used in all the places an event is exposed in Pyze
  • In general, more attributes are better than more events
  • More powerful to instrument a greater number of Attributes than events

Leveraging Identity and Profiles

  • Use Identity to identify a (logged in) user
  • Attach Profile Information to Users
  • Profile information are facts about the user
    • Email Address
    • Customer Id
    • Date of Birth
  • Profiles are information about that specific user that may or may not change
    • Only the latest value is utilized
    • Can be uploaded from your CRM or Server, or streamed as you get them
    • Great for third party data you use internally for correlations
  • Traits are time-agnostic, Events and Attributes are about a specific things happening in a timeline
Last modified 2020-11-25