Data Insights

Deeply investigate your data, create charts, and take actions

Data Insights allows multi-dimensional analysis across apps, channels, and data sources providing on-demand data visualization and data export.

  • Metric : The underlying data you want to look into
  • Visualized: The type of chart or output
  • Group By: The Data breakdown(s) you want your metric broken into. You can choose up to 2 with most charts, and an unlimited amount for Data Tables

Building a Data Query

  • Begin by selecting the App, App Group, or data source you wish to pull data from using the drop down menu located at the top right of the window.
  • Under I want to see, select your Data Metric using the drop down menu.
  • Proceed to grouped by and select your Data Breakdown(s).
  • You may choose to add a Filter by clicking Add Filter+.
  • Finish by clicking Run button

Once your chart is displayed, you can Add it to a Dashboard, Download it as a csv, or make it full screen.

Last modified 2020-12-03