Identify groups of data sources and users

Identify specific groups of users that span multiple applications utilizing usage behavior, business actions, and user profile attributes.

Segments enable Cross Application Analytics & Campaigns

Segments enable aggregations, analysis, intelligence, & campaigns across apps, websites and other data sources. The user interface allows managing of named groupings of data sources along with filters.

Creating Segments

Step 1: Navigate to Segments

  • On the main left menu bar, select Segments.

Step 2: Select Create Segment to get started

  • Give the segment a name and select the apps or data sources you want to include in this segment.

Step 3: Select Segment Definition

  • Specify the segment definition criteria spanning data source behavior attributes, event actions, and profile attributes.

Segment Filters

You can manually create segments by selecting what criteria to apply to your userbase. The items you can use are as follows.

  • First Used App:
    • Select users by the first time any source was used/opened.
  • Last Used App:
    • Select users by the last time any source was used/opened.
  • New Install/Visitor:
    • Select users by any source install date.
  • Active Customers/Visitors:
    • Select users who have used the app recently.
  • Session Count per User:
    • Select users by performing evaluated expressions on session counts for that user.
  • Usage per User:
    • Select users by performing evaluated expressions on total/average usage for that user.
  • Event Occurred:
    • Select users who did any custom event (with optional event attribute filters).
  • User Profile Attribute:
    • Select users by any user profile attribute(whether portfolio or app level, pyze defined or custom) that evaluates true versus an entered expression.
    • Examples of portfolio level attributes:
      • first_name
      • last_name
      • email_id
      • country
      • date_of_birth
      • customer_id
      • facebook_id
    • Examples of app level attributes:
      • date_of_first_use
      • date_of_last_use
      • email_subscribe
      • push_subscribe
      • device_ids
    • Both levels of user profile attributes allow you to set your own custom attributes for easy organization.

Last modified 2020-12-03