Take Action and reach out to your users through messaging channels

Stay connected with users through scheduled broadcast messages and behavior based real-time messaging to improve on boarding, notify users of new features, or help users accomplish a task where they are stuck.

Pyze enables setting recurring campaigns that engage with certain user segments (seniority, productivity, geography),or trigger a campaign based on specific user actions to engage users during key points in business processes. Implementing a campaign to get real-time feedback or assist low producers is just a few clicks away.

Campaigns extend the intelligence and insights delivered by Pyze platform to engage users based on their behavior and actions. Campaigns allow the delivery of omni-channel messages to enable a number of business functions:

  • Onboard users
  • Engage lapsed users
  • Drive users back into the application
  • Mitigate errors
  • Motivate specific behaviors

The Pyze Campaigns system is designed to deliver campaigns across mutiple channels to reach each person using the channel they’ll be most responsive to.

Creating Campaigns

Campaigns are created using a Wizard that provides a four step process to build campaigns.

Step 1: Audience Selection

In Step 1 of the campaign wizard, please provide a name for the campaign and select the Segment for the target audience.

Step 2: Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives define both the type of campaign (Scheduled vs. Action Triggered) and also the objectives (conversion goals) for the campaign.

Campaign Types

Scheduled campaigns are run at a specified time or recurring intervals whereas Triggered camapigns are executed when a user executes a specific action like Installing an App, Visiting a site for the firs time, executing a specific business event, etc.

Conversion Goals

Conversion Goals Specify the objectives of a campaign. AN objective might be launching the application, buying something, completing a business process, etc. Pyze allows specifying up to 4 distinct conversion goals for each campaign.

Step 3: Scheduling Criteria

Scheduling Criteria provides the ability to specify start and optional end times, how often the campaign runs, as well as re-eligibility criteria for users who have already qualified for the campaign in the past and the ability to by-pass daily and weekly messaging limits for each user.

Scheduling Criteria for Scheduled Campaigns:

Scheduling Criteria for Triggered Campaigns:

Step 4: Messaging

Messaging provides the ability to select the different channels to used to deliver the campaign and also provides the ability to set Message Delivery options such as the Time Delay before a message is delivered to a user.

Channel Selection Pyze provides the ability to select multiple channels to deliver messages across iOS Push, Android Push, In-App Messaging, and Web Push. Other messaging channels can also be integrated for Enterprise customers.

Last modified 2020-12-03