Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CEventArgs arguments with string. arguments with string.
 CIPyzeInAppMessageCallback app message callback.
 CObject app message callback. class. account class. ad class. advocacy class. bitcoin class. commerce beacon class. commerce billing class. commerce cart class. commerce checkout class. commerce curated list class. commerce discovery class. commerce item class. commerce payment class. commerce revenue class. commerce shipping class. commerce support class. commerce wish list class. content class. custom events class. drone class. explicit activation class. gaming class. geo point class. health and fitness class. You can use this class to send the user's traits to Pyze.
You can identify a user using setUserIdentity method and reset the user's identity using resetUserIdentity method in app purchase revenue class. media class. messaging class. personalization intelligence. scene flow class. social class. support class. tasks class. weather and forecast class.